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EllaJean Organics only uses industrial hemp that is grown naturally and harvested by hand with care and love in Colorado.  Many companies source their industrial hemp from Eastern Europe and China, where it was grown as a ‘cleansing crop’ for fields laden with heavy metal. They often use harsh chemicals in their distillation and extraction processes and don’t always tell you everything that’s in their products.

At EllaJean Organics, we’re dedicated to providing you with the safest, cleanest, purest, Colorado grown Supercritical CO2 extracted, distilled, and bottled hemp extract oil. We extract and distill our hemp extract oil in highly controlled laboratory facilities that utilize the best technology.

EllaJean Organics products are designed with one value above all others: quality. That’s why we oversee every part of the process from extraction to distillation to bottling and packaging to maintain absolute control and oversight of our Hemp Extract oils and creams.

EllaJean Organics is committed to delivering the best product on the market and providing the best customer support.

Customer Testimonials

I actually got the cream yesterday! Thank you for the fast shipping! I used it right away and literally just got done applying it to my neck and left shoulder blade. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a gallon jug!!! I am in awe of how quickly I feel relief. I’ve tried SOOOOOOO many topical and to be honest, when I ordered yours I didn’t have a ton of faith..... Well faith restored!!!


I want to tell you how unbelievably your oil has helped me!  I have literally cried at times after using the drops and the comfort and relief it brings me.  I am very slowly recovering from a compression and spinal condition that affects my entire body resulting in numbness, loss of feeling, pain and pressure in my head and sinuses as well as pressure in my ears, this can last for hours in the morning making every morning absolute hell to get through until evening when the symptoms subside.  I tried your 600mg Cinnamon Drops on the advice of my sister who is a faithful customer of yours.  When I use the drops, within 5-10 minutes the pressure goes away, my ears equalize with normal pressure and the numbness all but completely fades.  This is truly a miracle for me.


I just wanted to send you a quick message too say what a life changer your CBD has been for me. Have had headaches every day for the last two years with little relief from anything and I have been taking your CBD for about 3 weeks and no longer have constant headaches! So thank you so much! I also love that its organic!